Custom Domains

How it Works

You can use your own domain to be more SEO friendly using a CNAME for your URLS instead a generated URL's by the API.

For example:

When you create a custom domain PDFBucket returns a domain name for your account, for example:

Now you can add a CNAME record in your DNS Service. CNAME

To use different environments you can setup multiple domains if required, just repeat the process using a suffix for your subdomain, for example:


• You don't need API Keys.

• Forward query strings.

• Serve PDF only via HTTPS.

• PDF settings via meta tags.

<meta name="pdf:margin" content="0px"> <meta name="pdf:orientation" content="Landscape"> <meta name="pdf:pageSize" content="A4"> <meta name="pdf:zoom" content="0.5"> <meta name="pdf:withPdfBucketReady" content="true"> <!-- For SPA's (AngularJS/EmberJS) -->


1. Go to the Custom Domains menu.

Custom Domain Menu

2. Enter the domain to create, enter the origin domain, choose the origin protocol and submit.

Custom Domain Form

3. Wait while the new domain is deployed, an email will be send to validate the ownership of the domain.

Custom Domain List

4. The new domain is ready for requests.

Custom Domain List Deployed


• Validate domain ownership to generate SSL Certificates.

• Permission to create CNAME records with the DNS service provider.